Personal Projects

All these projects are hosted on my Github and self-hosted git server. For my previous positions, please take a look at my resume, LinkedIn profile or Developer Story. They are listed in reverse chronological order.

Doodler (currently private due to course restrictions)

A painting program that supports doodling in any colors with different stroke sizes. Also has a timeline feature, that can be used to animate the doodles both forward and backwards. Doodles can also be saved to and loaded from files.

Tools: Java, Swing.

Snake Game (currently private due to course restrictions)

A clone of the classic snake game with moving walls.

Tools: C++, Xlib.


A card game that supports upto 4 human/AI players and features a complete GUI.

Tools: C++, gtk, make.

3D Game Engine

An open source cross platform 3D game engine (WIP) using modern graphics rendering techniques.

Tools: C, C++, GLSL, CMake, OpenGL, GL Mathematics, SDL2.


An Android app to send-receive emails, and browse reddit when disconnected from the internet through texts.

Tools: Java, Python, Android SDK, Twilio API, Reddit API, Gmail API.


An Android application that detects when you are intoxicated and helps you get home safely by calling a friend or taxi.

Tools: Python, Android SDK, Java, Uber API.

Myo Guitar

An Android air guitar app that uses the screen as the frets and a Myo armed hand for strumming.

Tools: Java, Android SDK, Myo API.

City Kit

A web service that displays local events, businesses, stores, etc on a map using Google Maps API.

Tools: Javascript, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, MySQL, Google Maps API.

Myo Pad

A program using the Myo armband that exports drawings/writing on a surface to graphical interface on a computer.

Tools: C++, Visual Studio, Myo API, OpenGL.


An open source 3D Android game where you have to protect the sun from freezing up by destroying sun-bound ice cubes.

Tools: C#, Unity3D,

Hobbyist Projects

Coming soon…